In recent decades, quantum therapy has evolved in such a way that its insertion in the population has been increasing more and more.

Today human beings want and feel to be in optimal conditions both physically, mentally, and emotionally.


It is so that today this type of therapy has been established in society and is very chosen by different people to follow treatments, sessions or check-ups.


This great development and acceptance has meant the opening of different Treatment Centers, Institutes and Surgeries in different parts of the world. Several of these places offer a wide range of therapies and ways for the well-being of people.


Quantum Biofeedback Scio is a body energy analysis and harmonization system that has the most advanced technology in the world in the field of biofeedback and biofeedback therapy.


It is a program designed and disseminated with the application of the most innovative and advanced technology in biofeedback therapy.

It offers us an alternative in the approach of non-invasive bioenergetic therapies, seeking to provide excellent well-being.

It is equipped with a work interface, a software developed with more than 150 applications and 72 programs, and an instantaneous connection with the person's energy frequency, by means of 5 body electrodes.

It makes a comprehensive reading of our electromagnetic field and the energy of our body. By calibrating and testing our frequency, it provides us with the recommended applications to harmonize those electrical patterns in the body that are in imbalance.

It works through the principles of Quantum Physics, Bioresonance, Biofeedback and Applied Bioquantics.

It offers the most advanced tool in energy therapy for optimal well-being.


Analyzing and thinking  

From Bioquantics it can be understood that energy imbalances are the cause of our disharmonies. In this way it is seen how many symptoms are directly tied to obstructions and alterations in the flow of our energy in the body.

What would happen then if somehow we can send the body the energy pattern necessary to repair this imbalance that is generated? We would be stabilizing bioenergetic vitality and restoring the correct frequency energy.
Quantum Scio offers us that possibility, to analyze the bioenergetic state of a person, and through the transfer of quantum energy, to seek to compensate for the body's energy imbalance.

Quantum Scio performs this process naturally and without any side effects. The system is not medical equipment. It is a device

bio-holistic capable of analyzing the energetic irruptions and imbalances of the body, and then by means of a non-invasive therapy, based on the microelectrical-energetic energy transfer, seeking to harmonize and stabilize the body energy.


The person relaxes, sits down and connects 1 electrode on each wrist, 1 on each ankle and one more on his forehead.

Once this step is done, the work interface connected to a personal computer is turned on, and the testing, analysis and therapy software is activated.



The person's data is transferred to the computer (name, address, country, date of birth, and certain personal questions) and all the information is saved in a database. With this we can capture the state of life of the person.



It is the main quality of the system. SCIO works based on the body's electro-physiological responses that reflect its state. This is done through the measurement of energy channels.
With this measurement the electrical conditions at very subtle levels are known and the body's reaction speed to send and receive information is determined.

Then there is a communication between the system and the person.
Each person has a different energy condition , and each one works at a different speed.



The basis of the analysis is a body test, and thus the equipment allows the person's energy frequency to be taken, reflecting the vitality index, resonant frequencies, voltage, amperage, oxidation, etc.


The results of the reactivity evaluation to each element are displayed in a matrix and precise indications of the person's energy are obtained. This result is the best possible analysis in the field of bioenergetic therapy.
Through this analysis, the necessary information is obtained to harmonize the energy imbalances that cause a bio-frequency alteration.



The SCIO system performs a comprehensive analysis of the energy state associated with patterns resulting from the human body



From the different analyzes, more than 72 therapies assist us to guide the body and seek to recover its energy balance in a natural way.


Thanks to the technological advances of the SCIO system, it is currently possible to work with 4 programs at the same time, allowing time to be optimized and system management to be improved.



It is the SCIO system program. It performs the measurements, the reactivity evaluation and contains the main programs and applications.



This program is recognized for its excellent applications and results.
Includes a dictionary of congestive loads from "A to Z". Therefore you can choose a load and treat it with the therapeutic discipline of your choice.



This program is one of the main advances in the evolution of the SCIO system. It has been designed to enhance and optimize results.
It is an interactive program that combines micro-frequencies allowing the person to view animations projected on a second monitor that are directly related to the therapies that are being worked on from the main program. It also contains special animations so that the person reaches an optimal state of relaxation and well-being.



This program offers us an extensive range of therapies for the person and, like the Body Viewer, its main function is to enhance and optimize results.



  • SCIO is used by many therapists worldwide.


  • It is a non-invasive therapeutic technology.


  • It has been designed to be easily used by anyone.


  • You get a complete electro-energy analysis of the body in just a few minutes.


  • Identify the true causes of a body electro-energy imbalance.


  • It works from the conscious and sub-conscious of the person, allowing much deeper results to be achieved.


  • With the first meeting the person and can be an analysis and report of the imbalances it has.


  • It works with special therapies for the energetic well-being of the body.




Next we will see some therapeutic programs that the system has



The dental emission program allows to analyze all the electro-active processes that manifest and are generated in the mouth. By means of an integral scan, planes and visuals of the quadrants, molars, arches and reagents can be examined, determining the charge and energy incidence of: heavy metals, foci, pathogens, disposition, direct relationship with oral elements, etc.

Also, the direct connection that exists on the ramifications of our body can be determined quickly and precisely, measuring the response of existing conditioning factors.



The program allows to analyze all the energetic connectors of the body towards the systems and corporal structures. In this way, the team can investigate, test and analyze those irregularities in the electro-energetic operation process to determine the causes associated with an irregular process.



The spine program is one of the greatest advancements in bioresonance analysis. The characteristic of this program is to carry out an electrical-energetic path from the brain template to the joint template in the spinal cord and the connection with the nervous system, to determine all the irregularities that appear. After completing the initial scan and determining the general analysis of the electrical state of the area, the team generates impulse therapy to compensate and stabilize the sector energetically.



The heart rate program consists of analyzing electrical stimuli

generated through the energy frequency associated with the heart, and thus

determine different levels of response.

Through an initial test, the team can measure trivectorial processes and determine

the substantial loads that are generated in the area.

The program also has an EEG analysis circuit (electroencephalogram).

This program allows us to visualize and examine everything related to energy impulse

that generates the energy template of the brain on the channels and body connections.


The biofrequency program allows determining the sequential and continuous impulse that the body generates towards all the electro-energetic ramifications. With a process called "active bioterreno", this program is capable of measuring hemispherical points and vortices to determine the true causes of an imbalance .

By determining certain reactive values, the equipment can determine the pulse frequencies emitted by the voltage, amperage, resistance, hydration, and oxidation. Once this process has been measured, the system allows to activate gradual, continuous and alternate frequencies to compensate, level, and speed up the bioelectric recovery of the body.



The Scio team has more than 72 functional programs and diverse applications towards the entire energy scheme of the body.

The complex neuroemotional program allows analyzing the conditioning emotional processes towards the person.

The sports program allows working with elite athletes and group sports to optimize results.

The nutrition and homeopathy program offers the possibility of analyzing nutritional, vitamin, mineral and substantial bioenergetic processes at electrical levels.


These are just some of the many programs that the team can use and activate to develop a timely, effective therapy with excellent results in the energy phase of the human body.

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