The Quantum Biomechanics career allows studying the Human Being from a more comprehensive vision. It provides the knowledge of Quantum Physics to be applied to the analysis of energy imbalances in the human body.

The first guideline to understand is that the human being is energy and that every imbalance begins with an energetic alteration. In this way it can be deduced that if this alteration is balanced we can obtain a repairing effect at the bioenergetic level.

This process, which seems so simple to read, is the basis and the starting point to study to achieve the incorporation of the concepts of quantum physics associated with the Human Being.

What is quantum physics?
It is the science that aims to study and behave at the atomic and subatomic levels of particles. In turn, quantum mechanics, a branch of quantum physics, is responsible for studying the movement and interaction of these particles.

What is Quantum Biomechanics?
The application framework of Quantum Biomechanics extends to the atomic and subatomic levels of the Human Being.
In this way, the electro-energetic behavior of human particles and their interaction dynamics for well-being and quality of life can be studied.

Contents of the race
The career is oriented to handle the theories of physics and quantum biomechanics applied to the human area.

Analyze the matter-energy concepts associated with the human being, and study the coexistence of the Being in relation to life.

The course is divided into 2 levels with 5 modules each level, which are studied separately.

The fundamental concepts included in the course are
What is Bioenergy and Quantum Biomechanics.

Analysis of dynamics and functions of the quantum sub-space and its actions in humans.
Analysis and detection of different types of bioenergetic alterations, congestions and imbalances in the human body
Environmental factors that affect the bioenergy of the human body.

Use of techniques that measure and pre-diagnose environmental energy imbalances that affect the human body.
Therapeutic quantum biomechanics.

The use of bioresonance in therapeutic assistance.

Prediagnosis and treatment techniques with specific equipment for stabilization and bioenergetic normalization.

Recipients of the race

The course is intended for anyone who wants to incorporate more knowledge in the human area. From health professionals who wish to introduce knowledge and therapeutic practices in quantum biomechanics that are complemented by the exercise of their profession, to the general public who are interested in acquiring knowledge to have a better understanding of the body in relation to quality. of life.

Labor departure
The student received with the higher diploma of "Therapeutic Advisor in Quantum Biomechanics" will be able to develop as a specialized therapist in this area, and in turn have the necessary knowledge to work with different Bioresonance and Biofeedback teams (Quantum Scio, Biotron, Avatar).


Initial level study phase:

  1. Quantum Biomechanics. What it is and how it interacts with the Human Being.

  2. Matter, mass and energy concept.

  3. Concept of Biofeedback in the Human Being. Constant emission and reception of energy frequency

  4. Bioresonance analysis and wave stimulation. How we operate electro-energetically

  5. Body Matrix. Global concept of energy emissions.

  6. Concept of Frequency, Resonance, Vibration and Polarization of the body.

  7. Concept of continuous and alternating energy in the body scheme.

  8. Photonic and tachyonic emission

  9. Quantum sub-space. Definition and Concept

  10. Analysis and interaction of electrical particles

(atom, molecule, proton, electron, neutron, matter, antimatter, quantum planes and sub-planes).

  1. Quantum bioresonance appliances:
    (equipment, systems and analytical equipment).

  2. Quantum Psychobioenergy. Bases and analysis:
    (Energy stages, stages of consciousness, dimensional planes, polluting energies, functional electromagnetic fields, brain wave pattern, Chinese medicine and energy concepts, radial energies)

13. Quantum Psychobioenergy. Forms of manifestation of energy flow:

(energy bases, tables of measurements, balance and lines of energy pollution, impregnation in the bioenergetic field of the human being, analysis of contamination in places and spaces)

14. Dowsing and Applied Geobiology:
(Electromagnetic Pollution. Body Pollution, geopathic failures, measuring instruments)

15. Body - Mind and Emotion. Analysis of the concept of Human Functional Unit

(Be able to determine the causes and aggravations of an imbalance in the psychophysical energy circuit, Manage for each process the specific applications and therapies, making the therapy effective in time and certainty of treatment, Interlace the therapies, achieving greater

effectiveness of biofeedback and results in the patient, Power to Generate and create own work protocols, Protocols on Factors and

Incidents that alter the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic resonance.

Advanced level study phase:

  1. Human Energy:
    A) - Bases and foundations
    B) - Pollution based on the body's electro-energetic conductance
    C) - Development of Dr. Nogier
    D) - Development of Dr. Rife
    E) - Development of Dra. Hulda Clark
    F) - Biofunctional adaptation
    G) - Concepts of energy in our system
    H) - Nutrients, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants. How they influence electro-energy.

  2. Processes Transmitted and correlated in the Human Body. Action and function.

  3. Toxicity (resulting from imbalance generated in the transfer of energy from the body):
    A) - Mycotoxins
    B) - Heavy Metals
    C) - Transgenic
    D) - Toxic dyes
    E) - Water and its contamination
    F) - Microorganisms
    G) - Reagents

  4. Physical activity:
    A) - Bases and foundations
    B) - Muscle Activation
    C) - Fast, slow and explosive action fibers
    D) - Aerobic and anaerobic development
    E) - Physical Preparation
    F) - Re-energization concepts
    G) - Healthy hydration

  5. Concepts of Well-being and Quality of Life

  6. Relaxation and Increase in Biological Age

  7. Physical, mental, emotional and energetic stress. Incidents in our frequency.

  8. Technical Reports And Technicality (Vocabulary)

  9. Bioenergetic scans

  10. Bioenergetic standardization concept

  11. Concepts to develop a correct bioquantum analysis

  12. Complementary Therapies. Fundamentals, scope and applications

  13. Work protocols

  14. Reports

  15. Knowledge application

  16. Marketing, communication and entrepreneurship

  17. Practical and theoretical development



Format taken:

Online study format through the website.

Study phases:

1- Initial level study phase (5 study modules)

2- Advanced level study phase (5 study modules)

Study material:

1- Digital manuals

2- Complementary audios

3- Explanatory videos

4- Graphic presentations in PDF.

5- DEMO of Aura Deluxe program for practices.

6- Final video conference with presentation of practical work.

Course value:

1- Initial level study phase (check via email)

2- Advanced level study phase (check via email)

Steps to start the course:

1- Apply in progress by mail to or through the web form.

2- Make the payment of the same.

3- Access the "students" sector and enter the access code to the corresponding course to start the course (the password is sent by email once payment has been made)

4- As the student goes through each level and each module of study, they must send the practical exercises to analyze the evolution of learning.

5- At the end of the complete course (initial level + advanced level) the student must send a final practical work which, if approved, will allow access to the Higher Diploma in Bioquantics.

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