Bioresonance and Biofeedback Technology

Bioresonance is the interaction between a living organism and its frequency patterns that surround or resonate as a result of

the movements of organisms.

Bioresonance therapy with the Biotron equipment has its therapeutic principles in biofeedback, which is the communication process between the frequency of the person (physical body) and the interface of the equipment.

The study with the Biotron team provides an analysis and prediagnosis of the imbalance conditions in relation to the body's electro-energy systems.

The team analysis method is made as follows:

1- Through the emitting headphones, and the frequency that the equipment sends, the body's electromagnetic sensitive field will receive a frequency signal to test one or more

body schematics. The signal represents a series of electromagnetic oscillations that will affect each energy system.

2- Upon detecting an imbalance in the body's energy frequency, the team will generate a series of frequency stimuli to seek for the body to stabilize its own frequency electro-energetically, thus returning the energy it needs.

The Biotron team offers a job in a non-invasive way and working on the energy of the person.

Communication is simple, effective, and the information collected provides an accurate analysis at the energy level.



Electro-energy analysis of all body systems


1. Cardiovascular system
2. Gastro-intestinal tract
3. Genital-urinary system
4. Musculoskeletal system
5. Bronchio-pulmonary system
6. Endocrine system
7. Organs
8. Nervous system
9. Fabrics
10. Spectral reactivity on microorganisms

11. Qualitative evaluation of hormone levels

12. Immune process
13. Allergy
14. Conductive tests
15. Chromosome tests
16. Analysis on trace elements

17. Electromagnetic field

18. Processes identified by bioresonance therapy.

19. Litho-therapy method (mineral spectral frequencies and individual selections)

IMPORTANT: The Biotron team is not a medical team, and its analysis is associated with the imbalance of the body's energy field. The team does not work invasively on the physical structures, but seeks to capture the alterations in the human electromagnetic field associated with these processes.

New Electro Scanning function


The electro-scanning function allows a scan to be made by the person's peripheral energy field (electromagnetic field), as well as by the energy field of each organ.
This analysis system offers the possibility of seeing the state or energetic condition that our body is in, and then through the conductive resonance process, stabilize and compensate it.


This new form of prediagnosis and analysis of the equipment, offers the possibility of delving into a condition that until now has not been taken into account and is as important as any other condition, since it represents the vital energy state of the body and the alterations that it may suffer throughout a process.
Its phase of recomposition and electro-energetic stabilization allows the altered patterns to be leveled sequentially.




Therapy Mechanism

The Biotron system allows us to carry out an extensive therapeutic process with excellent results.

Upon entering, the team shows us a database to complete with the person's file. Then it allows us to select anamesis, pre-diagnoses and analysis of the person to determine conditions that the person presents. From there the system gives us the possibility to manually select functional systems and patterns of the body that we want to analyze. Automatic analysis can also be selected so that the team prediagnoses it without the therapist's intervention.

Once the initial analysis is completed, the system shows us those systems, structures and substructures that present imbalances and electro-energetic alterations. After this step, it offers us the possibility of working with continuous energy stimulation therapy. For this process, there is an extensive list of nosological, micro-organic, pollutant, alersode, biochemical and electro-energetic processes, as well as energy solutions for unconventional preparations (homeopathy, flowers, herbal medicine, trace elements, etc.).

At the end of the equipment, it is possible to see in images the before and after of the condition analyzed in the treated part and thus determine the compensation and stability processes that the energy of the body presented. Finally, the system allows you to generate a report, print it or save it as a file.

Innovation by Bioinductance

Bioinductance is an energy influence that is emitted continuously producing an ideal response for the activation of homeostasis. It is an action method that works with the help of electromagnetic oscillations.

Being a non-invasive type of analysis, bioinductance is indicated for a huge variety of electro-energy disorders. Its effect of instantaneous stimulation allows to focus and punctuate a process in the body effectively.



Equipment accessories and attachments

1.Transfer case

2.Frequency emission and reception headphones

3.Connecting usb cables

4.Emission container

5.Working interface box

6.Working software

7.Accessing enabling keys

8.On-line training and training


10.Warranty of software and hardware



Team Support

1. Supports: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Win8 win8.1, Win10.

2. Multi-language: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Czech, French.

3. Biotron can be used to energetically scan and analyze the imbalance of the human electromagnetic field, its meridians, vortices, and energy templates.


Important data:

-Emission frequencies: 1 hz to 100 khz

- Equipment power (Usb connection): 5 Vlts

- Weight: 500 grams

- Analysis system: Analog

- Amperage: Up to 500 mA (Miliamper)

- Waveform: Square

- Emission: alternating frequency


- Model: D-2204


5. Biotron works through the principles of quantum physics. It analyzes and works through sound waves that are generated by an earphone placed in the person's ears.

6. Its function of biofeedback and bioresonance allows to probe the energy of the body and associate specific structures and substructures. The resonance of the electromagnetic waves generated by the equipment and the feedback with the computer are the bases of the effectiveness of its analysis.


7. Biotron is not a medical team, nor does it cure diseases, it is a biofeedback and biofeedback system that analyzes the electro-energetic imbalances of the body. Its therapy process is based on stimulating the body's meridians, vortices and energy channels in order to enable the homeostatic process to be activated.

Investment and Capital Recovery

The Biotron system is an excellent option in the application of therapies with bioresonance equipment. It gives us the possibility to enter the world of quantum therapy with a really low investment and a very good future capitalization.

Analyzing a general context and comparing Biotron with other bioresonance and biofeedback systems, we can assure that this system is one of the best choices


Option 1 - Caring for 3 patients a day, 3 times a week: Capital recovery in 6 months


Option 2 - Caring for 5 patients a day, 3 times a week: Capital recovery in 3 months


Option 3 - Caring for 5 patients a day, 5 times a week: Capital recovery in 1 month


Equipment Applications

PATHOMORPHOLOGY - This section stores the main pathomorphological causes of body energy. Each pathological process has its specific diagram to be analyzed.


NOSOLOGICAL GROUP- In this section you can see the main nosological processes. It includes the characteristics in the alterations that can project the center of any congestive incidence.


BIOCHEMICAL HOMEOSTASIS - Allows a qualitative estimation of the basic biochemical parameters using the energy wave functions of the organism.


CONTAMINANTS - The group contains the list of impurities with their frequency characteristics in graphical form.
Its purpose is to reveal the harmful substances that cause various congestive incidents that may have their origin in products.

FOOD ADDITIVES - The group contains the list of additives used in the food industry to improve the organoleptic and technological properties of foods with their frequency characteristics.

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT - This group contains the list of various adverse environmental factors, with frequency characteristics.


RESOURCES - This group is a reference database for a quick search of the list of preparations corresponding to specific congestive incidents.


HOMEOPATHIC - The group contains the list of classic homeopathy preparations with their frequency characteristics.


PHYTOTHERAPY - The group contains the list of essential herbs with their frequency characteristics.


The reading of the person's information on the Biotron device goes through 1 transmission and reception channel, which are the headphones with EMG activation sensors. Generally speaking, the device sends an impulse that allows the body's electro-energy frequency to be triangulated. The issuing response is set by the channels mentioned above, by the computer with the help of the pre-diagnosis program and the information and result processes provided by the software. The software database contains all the analysis processes. D

It is the basis of the electro-energetic impulses to the body. It represents the most reliable answer to analyze the information provided. They send an input pulse that passes through an active electrode and a passive electrode setting the pulse.
Along with that a magnetic coil that is located in the left earphone produces vibrations of the frequency that the human electromagnetic field needs. In turn, the EMG frequency is radiated through the auditory spectrum, fixing electrical emissions which circulate throughout the body, collecting general information and data on energy levels.

Actions and Work with the Team

1. Accurate pre-diagnostics of all electro-energy conduits

associated with body systems.


2. Complete list of congestive incidents .


3. The list of the pathogenic energy agents present.

4. Detailed report of the body's energy systems.

5. The list of reagents for the patient.

6. The team selects a spot analysis to activate the body's energy.

7. Immediate action process towards any congestive incident.

8. Identify the congestive incidence and the possible causes of its appearance.

9. Detects the congestive incidence in the energy risk phase.

10. Evaluate the energy activity of microorganisms.

11. Analyze the predisposition of the person.

12. Identify the causes, processes, aggravations and bioenergetic conditions.

13. Select changes in functional processes.

14. Define the energy balance in structures and substructures.


Team Report and Results

The system allows to make printed analysis reports for the patient.
The reports generate a color copy of the studies carried out with all the detail and diagram of all the energy points tested, as well as the associated structures and substructures. In turn, it allows an epicrisis to be carried out with all the pre-diagnosis data and the analysis performed.


Blackberry Therapy Innovation

Mora Therapy is an informative energy influence that is emitted on the structures of the body producing an ideal response for the activation of homeostasis.
It is a continuous action method that works with the help of the body's own electromagnetic oscillations.
Thanks to the universal approach to the treatment of various congestive incidences and the maximum individualization of the pre-diagnosis, blackberry therapy is indicated for an immense variety of electro-energy problems.

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