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How much could it help us if there were a team that could measure imbalances, congestions and energy alterations in the body in just a few minutes? How much would it facilitate if that same equipment, apart from measuring said imbalances, helps to harmonize and stabilize said alterations?


The Bioelectromagnetic Recomposition System (SRB-AVATAR), is a team based on quantum biomechanics, under the concepts of bioresonance and biofeedback, which seeks to harmonize the body's energy tuning.

By means of electrodes that are placed on the body, software that allows you to analyze and see people's energy imbalances, and an interface that emits electro-energy frequencies to compensate and stabilize body energy, the SRB equipment is a great complementary instrument.


Its large number of applications and programs to level the body energy and the human energy field, make the SRB the best tool to be incorporated.

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Types of programs

AVATAR is a last generation energy analysis system.

Its technology and bioresonance interface make this equipment the ideal complement for Biofeedback treatment.

AVATAR offers us an alternative in the way of applying sessions in a non-invasive way.

AVATAR makes a comprehensive analysis of the congestions of the human electromagnetic field and their possible dynamics, thus making it possible to carry out tests and specific actions to seek to stabilize and normalize the bio-resonance of the body.


AVATAR has the most advanced applications in the field of Bioresonance: (Frequency Stabilization, RCN Emission, Applied Resonance, Virtual Bioelectromagnetism, Quatic wave neutralizer)


AVATAR offers us the most innovative and sophisticated tool in the field of bioresonance.


Types of SRB-AVATAR Programs


1. Frequency Stabilization:

It is the main program of the SRB system

Analyze the probabilities of electroenergetic alteration of the person to later seek to harmonize said altered patterns by means of electroresonance. In this way it reactivates the frequency of the electromagnetic field and constitutes to stabilize the energy indexes of the body.


2. RCN emission:

It stands out for its punctual analysis and its energy function on structures and substructures. It seeks to activate the energy of the body's meridians to propel a cycle of reactivation and electro-body compensation.


3. Resonance M:

It acts on the energy field of any substance, solution or preparation, allowing to generate a balance in ionization (electric charge). In this way we can keep the frequency of the element that interacts with the body stable.


4. Leveling aesthetics:

Frequently punctual stimulation, this program allows us to work through the activation of the vortices, and energy templates of the body. In this way, it seeks to work on energetic alterations in the dermis of the body.

It also allows us to energetically compensate a compound or preparation linked to cosmetics such as soaps, gels, salts, etc.


5. Tachyon preparations (Frequency emission):

This program allows us to perform an energy activation on different patterns associated with preparations and solutions such as bach flowers, aroma therapy, hydrotherapy, gem therapy, chromotherapy, etc.

It has 2 forms of work. The first where the electro-energy frequency associated with these preparations can be emitted through the electrodes connected to the body, and the second where the harmonic associated with them can be impregnated in a compound.

6. Quantum Wave Neutralizer:

This program seeks to neutralize the congestions and geopathic faults produced by the magnetism of the earth, thus allowing the creation of fit and healthy environments for the Human Being.


7. Virtual Bioelectromagnetism:

Perhaps the greatest advance in the system. This program allows applications to be made virtually without the need for the person to be on site. The system can take a reading of the person's energy and frequency vibration, and send frequency stimuli to that person through the Quantum Sub-space.


Optional treatment modules


The team has intelligent software for updating via the internet, downloading programs and incorporating work modules for the system. In this way, the team is up-to-date and with the latest discoveries and research in the area of ​​bioresonance, biofeedback and bioquantics.

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System Operation


· Connection

The person is connected to 2 electrodes on their wrists. Once the connection is generated, the non-invasive analysis begins with a frequency stimulation feedback.


· Incorporation of Data

The person's data are entered and a questionnaire of questions is carried out to incorporate the therapist's information.

The entire personal database and the results of the analyzes are saved, to then have a guide of programs and evolutions of the person.



The general calibration of the energy of the body is carried out and the imbalance processes, alterations and generated in the electromagnetic field of the person are determined.


· Applications

Once the calibration is finished, the specific process is carried out to stabilize the congestive electrical patterns found by the system and normalize the alterations detected in the electromagnetic field.


· Report and Results

A general report and the progressive observation of the person are made.

The system, given the result, programs the query scheme and the time between one session and another.



Features and Scopes


  • The AVATAR equipment is designed with the latest cutting-edge technology in bioresonance and biofeedback.


  • Avatar is a continuous action system that allows an analysis of the person's energetic imbalances in the first instance, determining causes and aggravations of their condition, and then carrying out an energy stabilization process with the team itself.


  • Its large number of applications and programs allow to examine and scan the frequency of a person from different angles and schemes, thus achieving a more effective field of action.


  • AVATAR has a unique development in the market for bioresonance systems. The equipment allows you to constantly run updates to your software and incorporate new programs to further expand the range of possibilities for analysis, pre-diagnosis and therapy.


  • AVATAR works by connecting electrodes in different parts of the body and perceiving the energy stimuli that the body itself generates.


  • Its state-of-the-art action platform allows the development of an effective and non-invasive analysis, saving time and optimizing results.


  • AVATAR can be operated by anyone. It is not a medical equipment but a noninvasive complementary system to seek to harmonize the energy of the human body.


  • It is the ideal instrument to incorporate and work in a complementary way in different processes. Its action in the bioenergetic field allows analyzing the human electromagnetic field and all its energy variables.


  • Its low acquisition cost and effectiveness in applications, place the computer in an excellent investment option.



Types of Analysis:

The System performs a series of continuous analyzes over the entire width of the Human electromagnetic field.

- Electromagnetic congestion

- Quantum sub-space

- Resonance in 3D structure

- Frequency of the 10 dimensional fields

- Resonance Vortices, Meridians, Channels and Body

- Impaired body ionization



Types of programs:

The system has programs to stabilize body energy.

1) Balance of body energy frequency

2) Bioenergetic Recomposition

3) Modular frequency reactivation of the body

4) Leveling the electromagnetic field

5) RCN: Rife, Clark and Nogier frequencies

6) Rx of Applied Frequency

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