The Aura Deluxe software is created under the foundations of neuroenergy, quantum physics and applied Bioquantics.

Its main function lies in harmonizing, leveling and compensating the energetic disorders and alterations of the body associated with meridians, vortices and bioenergetic templates of structures and substructures.


The system is downloaded from our website and installed on a computer. Once the software is activated, the DEMOGRAPHY screen will proceed to load all the data of the person (name, date of birth, time of birth, sex) and the voice recording and photographic photographic loading mode will be activated .

Once the analysis data is loaded, you can choose between different programs that the software has.

program -aura-

This program allows the energy imbalances of the auric field to be harmonized through a process of expansive resonance and music therapy.

Its work scheme allows to act on the processes of contamination and irruption of the energy flow in the person, associate it

to the causes, aggravations, connections and patterns that lead to an imminent destabilization.

Auric field analysis example:

Primary cause: Polluting energy in the Pleomorphic field .

Secondary cause: Mental schemes.

Connection: Energetically associated with the pituitary gland.

Affected chakra: Coronary.

Meridian affected: Governor's Glass.

Encrypted emotion: Anguish.

Associated structure: Energy load in the brain template.

Covert pattern: Need for behavior change.

Once the initial process is finished, the program begins to work with gradual stimulation; based on the study of sounds and harmonics coupled to the human being. This allows activating all areas and energy links of the auric field to achieve the process of

homeostasis .

-SPACES- program

The etheric analysis program for spaces allows working on a range of processes associated with the energy pollution of the place. Some of these processes are: Geopathic contamination, environmental radiation (low, medium and high frequencies in HZ, MHZ, GHZ), pleomorphic fields, stationary energies , charges and polarization in the ionization of the place .

To work on energy pollution in a space, the program will act on the spectral load through a photograph of the place.

In the same way, it will level the indexes of primary contamination, aggravated contamination, percentage in the contamination and the direct association with the person referring to the place.


Example of conductive analysis in a space:

- Primary contamination: PLEOMORPHIC CONTAMINATION.


- Pollution percentage: 90-95% (maximum contamination)


Once the pollution loads have been worked on, the program will begin with the space stabilization process through a gradual stimulation of sounds and harmonics.

At the end of the process, a detailed report can be obtained with the explanation of everything worked on.


program -human deco and bioenergy-

HUMAN DECO seeks, through the energetic flow of the vines to see tebrales, to harmonize the charges that generate blockages and obstructions in the human electromagnetic field. In this way it decodes the imbalances and achieves its functional compensation.


BIOENERGY channels the energy overload disorders of the person associated with different synergistic patterns, to then proceed to release the concentrated load and stabilize, in an energetic way, the templates, meridians, chakras, and pleomorphic fields of each structure, substructure and systems of the Body.

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